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Turn Your Breezy Bucket into a Bounty Basket this Easter

We’re bouncing off the walls in anticipation for Easter 2022! This year is about family, friends, and fun. And so from our family to yours, here’s an Ótima hack detailing how you can Óptimise your Breezy Ice Bucket!

You will need:

  • Ótima Breezy Ice Bucket
  • Whiteboard markers

Decorate your Breezy Ice Bucket using whiteboard markers and witness as it transforms into an egg-ceptional Bounty Basket. You and your kids are sure to win the treasure hunt.

Afterwards, simply wipe down the basket to remove the whiteboard markers’ etchings and fill it with ice.

It’s a basket for the morning treasure hunt and an ice bucket by lunchtime. It’s perfect.

HÓppy Easter, from our family to yours.

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