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This is not just a company it’s a family

These are the words spoken by Jorge, our CEO to our staff as we gathered our teams to thank them
for their continuous hard work and effort. We paid special tribute to our staff that have been with us
for over 15 years. Loyalty is one of our most valued qualities and at Otima we are privileged to have
an extremely loyal workforce. We value employee engagement and believe this has led us to
building a strong, reliable team.

We are so grateful for our staff that are as passionate and dedicated to the Otima brand as we are. Our people are the lifeblood of our organisation and disprove the common saying of “if you want loyalty, get a dog”.

If you want loyalty, treat your people well.

  • Value them.
  • Appreciate their contribution.
  • See their individuality.
  • Respect each another.
  • Treat the tea lady with the same dignity as the owner of the business.

Above all:

  • Value that your employees’ time input is as valuable as the monetary renumeration you offer them in return.

We celebrated exceptional commitment with a lot of cake.

Gladys Baloyi – Warehouse Manager – 29 years

Fatima Madolo – Facilities – 24 years

Paul Baloyi – Toolmaker – 24 years

Andrew Makubela – Toolmaker – 23 years

Serafim Nougeira – Foreman – 16 years

Perreira Manhica – Machine Operator – 24 years

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