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Single Canister

Our all-new 750ml Single Canisters are great household storage.

They are clear with different colour lids so you can see exactly what is in each. But, you can always label them if you’re feeling like being extra organised. 

If you were wondering what they can be used for, these are just a few ways we’ve found them to come in really handy. 

They’re not just practical, they look great too. 

Our single canisters are great for storing all your bathroom goodies such as cotton buds, cotton wool rounds, facial rollers, and creams. This way everything will have its place and your bathroom will be organised with everything will be easily in reach.

A useful tip:

There are different colour lids to choose from so you can colour code your different bathroom goodies if you are storing them in your bathroom drawer for example, or you can choose to keep the lids the same colour and store them at eye level to see what’s what through the clear canister. 

Stationery Holder

Everyone loves stationery! This is a great way to keep your stationery together and stop those pens from disappearing.

Makeup Brushes

You can also store your make-up brushes in your single canisters. When you wash your brushes, you can dry them off by lightly patting them on a towel and then leaving them outside in the sun inside your single canister with the lid off so that they can dry fully without rolling around. 

Pet Treats 

With screw-on lids, these containers are great to keep your biscuits or treats fresh and out of reach for your fur babies.  


Everyone loves a clean and tidy garage. Our canisters are great to store nails, screws, plugs, and other fasteners etc. Again, you can see through the canister to tell what’s inside!

If you’re wanting to level up on that organisation, you can label each canister. 

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