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RECYCLE – IT all the way to the depot

Many think
“What is the point in recycling? I can’t save the environment”

but imagine 7 billion people thinking the same way. Innovation is typically born out of necessity and the current effect of climate change has forced many to adopt recycling initiatives and live more single-use plastic free. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Recycling is a great way to reduce the amount of waste filling the landfills and oceans and is easily achieved by making recycling a lifestyle rather than an effort.

Some tips to get started:

·         Make recycling easy
By making recycling accessible – recycle programmes or centres in each home, school, convenient drop off points for the community etc

·         Make Recycling fun – Educating the youth is vital and by utilising children-friendly initiatives such as Otima’s Recycle Hero Game or other educational programmes we have the ability to instil a culture of recycling and caring for this planet. 

We need our children to recycle for their future. By the time they grow up, it should be a habit for most so that the planet can be sustained. 

Many South African schools all the way from preschool level have started implementing recycle programmes of some sort. Whether encouraging recycling in general or working towards a goal which has a reward initiative attached, these programmes are effective in creating a conscious generation of children who will continue programmes to encourage sustainability. 

If your child is recycling at school

Let them put it into practice at home too and get the whole household to participate.

  • Find your nearest recycling station Make this process quick and easy by having recycling bins at home for the different recycling categories. Find recycling bin sets at most of your nearest plastic stores.
  • Know the difference you are making
    There are ways to realise the impact you are making by recycling. This can help incentivise recycling. Use this link to understand what a difference you are making just by recycling a few bottles of glass. New technology has also made possible the building of roads out of recycled plastic.
  • Look out for Kerbside collection in your area.
    There are trucks that collect recycling if you put it out in separate bags in a lot of areas. So all you need to do is empty your different recycling bins into different bags and mark them according to the recycling category before putting them outside.
  • A lot of shopping malls, petrol stations and schools have recycling drop off sites so look out for this next time you are out and about. Once you have found a drop off site that suits you, why don’t you spread the word so that you can get your friends and family on board?

There are also centres to take your recycling which utilise a reward system to incentivise recycling habits.

Recycling Points of Reference:

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