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Our 50L Daisy Basket Isn’t Just for Laundry

Our 50L Daisy Basket is the perfect addition to any home. It's a lot more versatile than you may think!

Pack away those winter blues in our Daisy 50l Laundry Basket and get ready to Spring into Summer

Store away your towels beautifully and neatly in your bathroom or any other room where you have some extra space. What’s great about our basket is that it comes in all sorts of colours so you can choose whichever goes best with your home.

It’s perfect for winter shoe storage with holes that make it breathable. Storage tip:

Dust off your winter shoes and give them a good wipe down. Pack them neatly in their pairs in the basket.
Store the basket somewhere out of your way whether it’s in the spare room cupboard or the garage, wherever is best for you.

Our 50L Daisy Basket to great clean up all those toys and keep them together neatly. It will make play time a whole lot more fun knowing that the toys have a home, making clean up so much quicker and easier.

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