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Isn’t our Salad Bowl just adora-bowl?

It's perfect for so many things but will always remain in our hearts as the perfect serveware for salad.

Our 12L salad bowl is a great size to fit some ice and juices to make sure everyone stays hydrated and cool this weekend

With the weather heating up more and more, juice bottles are essential but sometimes they can retain a bit of an odour from all the different juices we love. Don’t worry we have a solution, a mixture of equal parts vinegar

and water will also help to remove odours. Just leave them to soak overnight in our 12L salad bowl then in the morning just do a quick wash to get rid of the vinegar taste.

Don’t go baking my heart. Our 12L salad bowl is perfect for baking.  Because it is so deep, you can mix and beat without having to worry about any flyaway mixture 

Our 12L Salad Bowl is perfect for storing ice-cold juice to keep handy so you don’t have to interrupt poolside fun 

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