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HÓw TÓ: Teach your Tot to Spell Using Jelly

This sensory learning activity is the perfect mix of learning and just plain fun. It’s suitable for kids of all ages, especially those learning how to spell their own name. Fair warning though: it involves sticky fingers and loads of sugar! (But you could always opt for sugar-free jelly powder).

You will need:

  • 2 packets of jelly powder.
  • Print this worksheet and keep it handy.
  • 1 Ótima Quatro 3,5L



Open both packets of jelly powder into your Ótima Quatro 3,5L and spread it out. Do not throw away the box just yet!


Make sure your little one has washed their hands.


Point to the letters on the worksheet that spell their name.


Ask your tot to write their name in the jelly powder using their finger.


If your tot makes a mistake, show them how to pick up the Quatro and shake it gently, so that the letters are erased, and they can start again.


When they notice that their finger is covered in jelly powder, tell them to lick it clean.


When you’re finished, follow the instructions on the back of the jelly box and leave it to set in the Ótima Quatro for as long as indicated.


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