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How to: Seed Cannister

HÓw TÓ: DIY Indoor Herb Garden

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to plant seeds in your Ótima Cannister! Create your very own indoor garden and reveal to your kids/students the science behind MÓther Earth’s marvellous doings.
• Ótima Cannister
• Self-adhesive label
• Rocks, gravel, pebbles, or marbles
• Potting mix
• Seeds of your choice*. We recommend mint, chives, parsley, and basil.
• Water


  1. Rinse out your Ótima Cannister. Once dry, set it on its lid so that it rests comfortably.
  2. Write down the type of seed you will be planting on a self-adhesive label and stick it on to your Ótima Cannister.
  3. Fill the cannister with no more than 3cm of rocks, gravel, pebbles, or marbles.
  4. Fill the cannister with potting mix, leaving 3cm of space from the top.
  5. Sprinkle your seeds of choice.
  6. Over the seeds with a small handful of potting mix.
  7. Gently water the soil. Be careful not to overfill the cannister.
  8. Place your Ótima Cannister indoors at a location that is exposed to ample sunlight.
  9. Maintain your garden regularly and ensure you have read the instructions on the seeds’ packet.
  10. Watch your garden grow!

EnjÓy your garden!

*Ensure that the seeds you have selected can be planted indoors

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