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5 Tips for Keeping Organised During Exams

1. A Schedule

A schedule is essential for success. Even though it may take some time to put together, it is so worth it. It means that every time you sit down to study or do any work, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done. If you stick to your schedule, there is no reason for you not to reach your end goal.

2. Set Big Goals and Small Goals

It is great to dream big! But you also have to celebrate your smaller achievements. Make a list of goals and tasks that you would like to accomplish each day, this will give you a confidence boost every time you can tick them off your list. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your big goal.

3. Regular Study

Take some time each day to do some revision or put in some extra work. Without even realising it, this will become a habit. Try doing this at the same time each day so that your body knows exactly when to go into study or work mode. This is a huge help leading up to exams.

4. Balance

Don’t forget to take breaks. Take at least 5 minutes every hour to give your mind a break and regroup. It may also be helpful to balance your studying. By this we mean, do a little bit of everything each day rather than cramming a mountain of work on the same topic in to one day of studying.

5. Notebook

Get a notebook that you love and get excited to write in. This is gold for work/study prep. Take notes and record your progress. In fact, write down everything that comes to mind, e.g. questions you think of, a learning technique that worked for you, any points that you may need to refer back to. Writing everything down will help cement everything in your brain.

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