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Grow your own herb garden

When you're spending plenty of time at home during this lockdown, we have the perfect at-home project for you: Plant some herbs.

They grow well indoors and outdoors, they’re cheap to grow and it gives you — and maybe the kids — something to do other than endlessly scan the news and stare at Netflix (although here are other fun things you can do)

Recommended herbs:


What you will need:

Otima Quatro container
Egg Carton
Spray bottle
Wooden craft sticks

Steps to planting the herbs:

  1. You can either choose to grow your herbs separately in 600ml containers or you can plant two or three different herbs together in a 3.5L container.
  2. Choose your herbs and buy herb seeds or see if you can get hold of a free cutting.
  3. Choose somewhere sunny for your herb garden to live such as a sunny spot on your patio or a windowsill that receives a good amount of sun.
  4. Place the egg carton in the container.
  5. Fill each space in the egg carton halfway with soil.
  6. Place the seeds from each herb in their own sections of the egg carton.
  7. Sprinkle some soil over the seeds.
  8. Water the seeds and place your egg carton in your container/s.
  9. Place your container/s in the home your have chosen for your herb garden.
  10. Label each of your herbs by using the craft sticks and marker.
  11. Water with a spray bottle daily until the soil is damp.

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