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Get ready to hang out with Otima this weekend

Our new hanger range is available in 7 fantastic colours
They are sure to be your new favourite buddy to hang out with

Here’s Some Helpful Tips to Get you Started Hanging Space:

1. Hang anything delicate, fancy or sturdy

2. Separate your clothing into categories and seasons.
Some ideas: Jackets and Coats, Skirts and Dresses, Jeans and Pants, Formal Shirts

3. Colour code your hangers for when the hanging space is looking a bit full, this will give you an idea of where to look according to the hanger colours. Just as well we have a beautiful range of colours for you to choose from

4. Colour code your clothing categories so that you know where to go if you’re feeling light or dark
5. Make sure that your hangers and clothing all face the same way

We can't wait to hang with you this weekend while you reorganise your cupboards.

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