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Fun and Games with Otima

Home Workout

Get your week going the right way and that is with a workout. It is important to stay active even if it’s inside or in the garden. Here is a simple but fun workout that the whole family can get involved in. Remember to stay hydrated and keep your water bottles nearby.

Find a place for everyone to be able to move and let’s start:

  1. Face each other and hold hands, do 20 squats.
  2. Let one person plank while the other does 20 jumps over their legs, swap around and let the other person have a turn to jump.
  3. Let one person hold the other’s feet while they do 20 sit-ups. Swap around and let the other person do sit-ups.
  4. Stand in a line and do 20 lunges
  5. End off with 20-star jumps

Repeat 3 times

Container Game

Hungry Hippo

This game is suitable for all ages, even if you have granny and grandpa on lockdown with you.

Use small containers if you don’t have the hippos.

Put down 20 balls in the middle of the table and use your container upside down to collect as many balls as you can.

The person with the most balls wins.


Now is the perfect time to learn to recycle and protect our mother earth. We should all try to make the world a better and brighter price when we come out of lockdown.

We should take this time to learn to recycle and instil it into the whole family so that it is second nature when we go back into the real world.

Visit this link for what you need to know about recycling: RECYCLE – IT all the way to the depot

Garden Game

It is important to still get some oxygen and Vitamin D from the sun. Make sure you are spending some time outside.

We have a garden game that you can play.
Set out some targets in the garden and set a line where you are allowed to throw from.

Make each target worth a certain number of points.

Each person gets a chance to throw at each target.

Tally the scores and the person with the highest wins.

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