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Fishbowl Spotlight!

This is without a doubt one of our summer favourites.

It is so much more than the perfect cocktail or mocktail holder:

We love how our Fishbowl can be turned into any character. You can dress them up to fit any themed party. How adorable are these Cookie Monsters and Unicorns? The fishbowl is perfect for the kids to refill with juice during the party and even to take one home to use.

Did you know that our fishbowls come with a biodegradable straw?

So, you can enjoy sipping from our fishbowl knowing that it has been designed with the environment in mind. The fishbowl can be used as many times you would like to, once the straw starts degrading you can pop a metal straw in and enjoy.

Stop, drop and land.

This is what happens if you drop your fishbowl. So, don’t stress about the mess or wasting what you were enjoying just before you dropped it or knocked it over because it will land just where it is supposed to.

When it comes to Pool Party Season, our fishbowls are just the best to serve drinks.

Fill them with cool drink, fruit juice, cocktails, mocktails, whatever the occasion and stay refreshed all day.

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