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20 000 likes and Nelson Mandela Day Project

Our Facebook page recently reached over 20 000 likes!!! This coincided with Nelson Mandela Day and we wanted to give back to everyone who has given so much to us. During this unprecedented time, we felt it was important not just to give back to the people, but to give to those who cannot speak for themselves.

We set a task for our Otima community, tell us which animal shelter could do with a little extra, and boy did they deliver. It was so difficult for us to help out just 2 shelters but we had an overwhelming request to help out Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue and FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals).

Thanks to the Otima community they each received  67 Blankets, Dog & Cat Food 60 tins + 7 bags dry food and 10 Storage Containers.

It was just a small thing to say thank you for all that those around us have continuously done for us.

Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue

Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue started out full time in 2010, rescuing all breeds of animals in need. In 2016 Dani decided to finally register as a Non-profit organisation to get public awareness and assistance as the previous 6 years dried up all his savings and also decided to focus his rescue efforts on Powerbreeds, especially Pit Bull type breeds whose numbers in desperate and urgent need for assistance was climbing more drastically than ever and very few people at the time could or would handle Pit Bull cases and that’s when Gudwulfs Rescue Organisation for Canines became known as Gudwulfs Pit Bull Rescue.

Over the last 10 years, Gudwulfs has homed and assisted more than 5000 animals and is the largest Pit Bull organisation in Southern Africa with an average and never less than 60 Pit Bull/ Pit type rescues in their care at any given moment.

Gudwulfs focuses on the more severe cases where behavioural and or physical needs are required and most other organisations in SA rely on Gudwulfs to assist with the handover of their Bull Rescues which others cannot facilitate safely and successfully.

FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals)

FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals) is based in Krugersdorp and loves having people around to spend time with the animals, you can even take them for a walk. It is a fantastic pro-life charity which relies on the community to help.

They look after a wide variety of animals, all shapes and sizes, so anything from food to blankets would be a great help to them.

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