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Easter Egg Hunt Tips


Let’s make Easter 2022 the best one yet! Here’s our list of ten tips to improve your Easter egg hunt.

Óne: Size

Take the ages of all participating children into account and make sure you have the right size eggs. Smaller eggs are a choking hazard and bigger eggs allow for bigger (or more) prizes.

TwÓ: Prepare in Advance

Ensure that you have your eggs packed and ready to go so that you’re not rushing around at the last minute.

Three: Designate the Hunting Zone

By designating an area, you can help narrow the scope of the search, making it more fun for the kids as they aren’t off on a wild goose chase. This will prevent them from wandering them off, too, so it’s got the added safety bonus.

FÓur: Colour Code

This is especially helpful if the kids vary in age. Colour coding the eggs will ensure that they receive age-appropriate gifts.

Five: Rules

Rules will give the hunt structure and make it fair for everyone. A great example is that no one should open their eggs until the hunt is over.

Six: Special Eggs

Have a “Special Egg”, market with a sticker or a star, scattered somewhere amongst the others. Place a rare prize in it – not t necessarily sweets – to add an exciting flare to the hunt.

Seven: No Sweets

If the idea of supplying children with copious amounts of sugar makes you uneasy, fill the eggs with small toys, collectables, coins, or slips of paper with redeemable prizes.

Eight: Make Sure There’s Enough for Everyone

To keep the fun going, make sure you have enough eggs. There’s nothing more disappointing than an Easter egg hunt that ends too soon. A good estimate is about 20 eggs per participant.

Nine: Find Good Hiding Spots

Don’t make it too easy – but don’t make it too hard, either. This is much easier when colour coding your eggs as you can hide them in different places based on the age group.

Ten: Recycle

When the kids are done and the hunt is over, collect the plastic eggs and store them in and Ótima MultPurpose 10L for next year.

HÓppy Easter, from Óur family to yours!

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