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Khashifah’s Healthy Bran Rusks

Khashifah's Healthy Bran Rusks... (The perfect tea dippers) Ingredients 500 g butter 1½ cups brown sugar 3 cups all bran flakes, crushed 2 cups digestive bran 1 kg self-raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 cup pecans, chopped 2 eggs 500ml inkomaas Method Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Place sugar and butter in a pot on…
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Single Canister

Our all-new 750ml Single Canisters are great household storage. They are clear with different colour lids so you can see exactly what is in each. But, you can always label them if you’re feeling like being extra organised.  If you were wondering what they can be used for, these are just a few ways we’ve…
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Cheese Experiment

We’re all about keeping it fresh. We recently did an experiment to find the best way to keep your cheese from moulding. We had cheese in a non-airtight container, tin foil and our airtight Quatro container. The non-airtight container lasted 2 weeks, the foil lasted 20 days and our airtight Quatro lasted 23 days. From…
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Fishbowl Spotlight!

This is without a doubt one of our summer favourites. It is so much more than the perfect cocktail or mocktail holder: We love how our Fishbowl can be turned into any character. You can dress them up to fit any themed party. How adorable are these Cookie Monsters and Unicorns? The fishbowl is perfect for…
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