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Be a Recycle Hero with Ótima

Everywhere you look there is natural devastation, most recently the fires in the
Amazon, which is forcing more and more people to make changes to the way their
live. While we might think we are too small to make a difference we need to do our
bit in order to reduce our footprint. One of the biggest ways we can do this is by
becoming recycle heroes. Our Otimá recycle bins are the perfect way to simply
separate and then recycle what you can. Here are 5 tips on how you can be a
Recycle Hero


Using Recycled Paper saves water, not just trees when you use recycled paper instead of “virgin” paper, you are contributing to saving 7,000 gallons of water per ton of paper produced. That water can be better used combating the effects of drought. You’re also offsetting the 900,000,000 trees per year chopped down to make paper.


Enough plastic bottles are tossed each year to circle the planet four times in an average year, 8 billion pounds of plastic bottles are produced in the United States. If all of them had been recycled, the resulting material could have been used to create 22 million size XL T-shirts. So make sure you invest in a Ótima reusable water bottle.


It takes centuries for a disposable nappy to break down in a landfill on average, one baby will go through 8,000 diapers. Cloth nappies are not as convenient, but they are reusable.


25 Billion styrofoam cups are trashed each year it takes styrofoam more than 500 years to decompose in a landfill. A coffee mug can be washed and reused for years generating no waste, or use the reusable Ótima Milla and Lucci cups.


Recycling aluminium cans saves 95% of the energy used to make new cans when you recycle just one aluminium can, you save enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for 20 hours or to listen to a full album on your iPod. Thanks to stateof-the-art automated sorting and separating equipment, recycling facilities can process more than 3,500 pounds of aluminium cans per hour and send the aluminium to be reused in other products.

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