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9 Handy Laundry Hacks

  1. Looking to remove those tough sweat stains? Simply rub some salt and lemon on the stain and leave to soak before putting the garment into the washing machine.
  2. Accidentally spilt something oily or greasy on yourself, use some chalk and simply rub it out before putting it in to be washed.
  3. Enjoying a glass of red wine? And then splash! Your top is enjoying it as much as you are. Simply fix this with some milk.
  4. How to avoid losing socks and underwear – separate them when taking your clothes off and put them in a net laundry bag when going into the washing machine.
  5. Add baking soda to your washing load to make your white clothes whiter.
  6. Getting those little fluff balls on your delicate clothes, wash your clothes inside out and say goodbye to worrying about your clothes looking worn.
  7. Ever wonder if you’re growing or if your clothes are shrinking? I’m sure it’s the clothes that are shrinking, soak them in some hair conditioner and you’ll be feeling confident again in no time.
  8. Tough day at school or the office and you’ve come home with some ink stains? Spray some hair spray or hand sanitizer on the stain and leave it to sink in and then pop it into the washing machine.
  9. Does your zipper keep getting stuck? It’s not you, it’s the zipper. Simply rub some soap on it and it will be back to normal in no time.

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