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5 Amazing Otima Cocktail recipes that you MUST try.

You don’t have to be an expert bartender in order to wow people with amazing cocktails. Try these marvellous cocktail recipes at your next get together, they’re much easier than you’d imagine.

  1. Strawberry Pomegranate Martini

A spin on the martini cocktail, this great tasting has the crowd asking for more with its unique underlay of pomegranate juice.


50ml. Cîroc® Vodka

15ml. Lemon Juice

7ml. Pomegranate Juice

25ml. Sugar Syrup

5 Strawberries


Place the strawberries in a shaker and press down on them with a muddler until its juices are extracted.

Now add some ice cubes. Then add 50ml of Cîroc Vodka, 7ml pomegranate juice, 15ml lemon juice and 25ml sugar syrup.

Shake the mixture until the cocktail shaker feels cold.

You’re done!

When serving, make sure to strain while pouring into a martini glass.

  1. The Lovely Lavender

Ever had a cocktail that tasted like the sudden bloom of summer gardens? We didn’t think so. This cocktail has a lovely combination of citrus, floral and cool quality.


50ml Vodka

20ml Lemon Juice

15ml Rose Syrup

1 Lavender Tea Bag

1 Soda Water

1 Rose Petal

1 Lavender Stalk


Place the lavender tea bag in a cocktail shaker.

Pour 50ml Vodka, 20ml lemon juice, 15ml rose syrup into the shaker.

Shake the mixture vigorously until the surface of the shaker feels chilled.

Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top up the drink with soda water.

Garnish the drink with the rose petal.

  1. Designed by Dick Bradsell in 1984, The Fred’s Club Bartender in Soho, created a modern classic with the unique addition of blackberry.


35ml London Dry Gin

25ml Lemon Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

10ml Créme De Mure

1 Lemon



Place some ice cubes in a shaker.

Now add 35ml of London Dry Gin, 10ml sugar syrup and 25ml lemon juice into the shaker.

Shake until the shaker is cold.

Strain into a tall glass filled with crushed ice.

Pour 10ml crème de mure over the mixture.

Garnish with a slice of lime and raspberries.

That’s it!

To be a little fancy, use a sharp knife and cut a strip from the peel of the lemon and twist it. Place it onto the glass to garnish.

  1. What about serving a zesty Russian Iced Tea, infused with lemon and Iced Tea, from a teapot? That’s one way of leaving your guests speechless. Bring out your fine china!


100ml Vodka

200ml Lemon Iced Tea

200ml Apple Juice

4 Lemon Wedges

4 Mint Sprigs


Fill a teapot with ice until it is half full.

Now pour 100ml Vodka, 200ml lemon iced tea and 200ml apple juice in.

Stir the blend with a bar spoon until well mixed.

Pour into teacups filled with ice.

Garnish by placing a lemon wedge in the cup and add a sprig of mint against the rim.


  1. Created contemporary bartender Dale DeGroff, this sweet-sour styled Julep introduces honey to balance the sweet-sour grapefruit for an aromatic long drink.


50ml Vodka

50ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

5ml Honey

10ml Lime Juice

5ml Grenadine

4 leaves of Mint


Place the Mint leaves in a shaker and press down on them with a muddler until its juices and flavours are extracted then add ice to the shaker.

Pour in your 50ml Vodka, 5ml honey, 50ml pink grapefruit juice, 5ml grenadine into the shaker and 10ml lime juice.

Shake until the shaker is cold.

Pour through a strainer into a tall glass.

Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Using few ingredients, these easy to make – remarkably tasting cocktails are just what you need to set your occasions apart from the rest. These recipes are sure to hit the sweet-spot of all your guests, leaving them in awe. So go and get mixing!

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