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3 ways to use your Otima containers creatively.

When it comes to plastic containers, the first thing that comes to mind is using it as a lunch box. Well, there’s more to plastic containers than just that and we are here to show you how to use your Otima™ containers in unconventional ways.

  1. Turn your Otima Salad Bowl container into a greenhouse.

What better way to use your Otima™ container than using it as a means to educate your kids?

All you need is an Otima™ Salad Bowl container, seed starting mix and seeds.

Start by simply filling your container with seed starting mix and add water. Using your finger, poke holes into the soil, put your seeds in and cover them up.

That’s all. In a week your little ones would see the seeds sprout. Use this opportunity to educate your kids as to how and why this takes place and turn this into a learning tool for your kids.


  1. Meal Prep your entire week with your Otima™ Fliptop Clear containers.

One of the best ways to ease up a busy and hectic lifestyle is to organise it better. Instead of     spending laborious amounts of time slogging over a home cooked meal, prep your meals for     the week ahead

Prep your meals in your Otima™ Flip Top and Flip Top Clear Containers. The divide in the container makes for a great way to separate the different parts of your meal. The various colours make for an easy and colourful way to differentiate between your meals, whereas the clear containers allow you to peek inside.

  1. Use your lockbox 4.4L to unclutter your upright freezer.

The dreaded freezer is one of the most cluttered places in a household. To combat this, use your Otima™ Lockbox 4.4L to organise your freezer while also making it look pretty.

The dimensions of the 4.4L Lockbox make it perfect for fitting in between the shelves of your upright freezer and allows you to store everything from frozen steaks to veggies. Take your organising skills to the next level by using a different colours containers for different foods, or use our Clear 4.4L Lockbox’s to easily differentiate between your frozen goods.

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