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10 Tips for an impeccably organised Fridge

In every home, one of the biggest struggles is keeping your fridge organised. Here are some tips that will organise your fridge better while also ensuring that your goods are
  1. Keep it breezy

Set the temperature of your fridge to 5 Degrees Celsius or less. This prevents any harmful bacteria from growing and affecting your food.
  1. Leftover Love

Store your leftovers in any Otima Clear Containers. Seeing what foods are leftover encourages you to eat them sooner.
  1. When one door closes

Never put your milk and other products that are quick to perish in the door shelf. As the fridge door is opened and closed, those items are exposed to fluctuating temperatures that may make it spoil sooner. Store such items on the middle shelf.
  1. Fancy a slice

Try not to slice your foods until you’re ready to consume them. Sliced veggies, meat and fruit spoil faster when sliced.
  1. Up, up and away

Storing meat and seafood on higher shelves is a bad idea. Rather store them on the bottom shelves, as this prevents dripping and the resultant food contamination. Also make sure you wrap meat products properly.
  1. Overstocked overload

Stay away from over stocking your fridge. Air needs to circulate around your foods in order to keep it cool. Over stocked fridges may lead to having warmer and cooler areas in the fridge which in turn leads to spoiling.
  1. Mixed up and confused

Never mix your foods. Keep fruit with fruit, meat with meat and so on and so forth. Mixing foods often lead to contamination, spoiling and food wastage.
  1. Drawing you in

Always check the humidity of the drawers in your fridge. Humidity in drawers acts as a catalyst to spoiling your food. Generally fridge drawers have their own temperature control and can be adjusted accordingly.
  1. As clean as a whistle

Wipe spills and messes as soon as they happen. Use a clean cloth and wipe any items that have been messed by the spill. Keep your fridge clean and tidy.
  1. Round and round we go

Fridge rotation is important. Before every grocery trip, move older items to the front and dispose of any expired items. This will tell you exactly what you have in your fridge and what you need to buy. Use these tips to keep your fridge uncluttered while making sure that your food doesn’t get spoiled easily. With these organisational tips, your food won’t be the only thing that gets to chill out, you will too.

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